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domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012


Le Tentateur lui-même était presque charmé ;
Il avait oublié son art et sa victime,
Et son cœur un moment se reposa du crime.
Il répétait tout bas, et le front dans ses mains :
« Si je vous connaissais, ô larmes des humains ! »
(Alfred de Vigny:Éloa ,oú la chute d’un ange,III)

Yes, a little slave.For every task  they wanted.
Ah,when the social workers used to arrive,they pretended,they theatralised a paradisiac way of life that was an utopic comedy!!
But,once the government’s agents were  gone,the farce was over,and they began again,and again,and again…
I was twelve,and both of them abused me,menacing me with death.
My body was  very weak,since they barely gave me some bread,water and the rests of the cheese that  they also usually destined to the pigs…That was my diet.I used to whisper for a plate with meat,eggs.or whatever…When the other children were longing for a travel to Mars,or a spaceship,my unique poor desire was about a good piece of meal!
They had luncheon together,compelling me to eat like an animal,from the floor.The dry bread and the rests of cheese were always in the same old  aluminium bowl,so dirty,that even the dogs were avoiding it.
My “adoptive father” had a big fun introducing me a stick in my mouth, until to reach my throat and make me vomit,always laughing at this,and my “sweet mom” was  watching,and screming”More,more!Give him more,because he is claiming  for more,Robert!”
Bleeding,with my poor young body converted in  sole sore,in a sole ache,I used to go to sleep in the yard,besides the dogs,embracing an old Saint Bernard whom seemed to be the only one liking and loving me in that cursed house.
Taking notice of it,my “amorous father” finally killed the poor animal.
This horrendous saga continued until I could escape.The farm was placed in the nearbies of Boston.I went to the city,and messed around in the slums,got lost…some balck people approached to me.I was fourteen…I thought they wanted tofight,butit was not exactly so.On the contrary,they carried me to a refuge,gave me warm food,coffee…even a cigarette.The elder one,a tall black man with an enormous chest covered by tattoos,taught me how to fight.,how to deffend me of all the injuries I was constanty receiving.
Time passed,and I acquired some taste for the reefers that man used to offer me when we met in that alley.
I grew up in violent outbursts against the abusers:one night,my “amorous adoptive father” entered into my bedroom,and uncovered my body,.I slept directly on an old dirty mattress,without  any kind of cover on it.He had his gentialia out of hispants,and was decided to finish his”work” submitting me totally.He began to beat me in  my back,with his belt…Suddenly,I rolled over and attacked him,giving back the hits,one by one,until to see his face bleeding.
I ran…During my desperate race,I passed near one of the stoves,that were on(it was in  the beginnings of January,I can remember the christams tree already in the main room),and made it fall down…
The fire sparkled everywhere.I could escape,but the house was reduced to ashes in less than one hour.
Thinking I had killed them due to my bad ,due to my evil origins and behaviour,the governemental agents put me into an institution.
Of course,some lawyers began a quarrel for what these people had left :a pretty good heritage,that was legally my heritage…despite the accusations they did.
Finally I could come out that horrible asilum,and went to the city,for to complete my education.
Yes,I even went to the university;I studied systems and informatic sciences.They saisd I was such a genius..The fact is that  I never thought so.
I saw you when you were in Boston with your co- workers,searching for the monster we suffered during more than fifteen years.
I,myself,have a sad story with this individual,that, perhaps,one day, I will tell to you…But I do nto want to scare you  anymore!.
I was pursuived by the freaky assassin:I,specially!!!
Because I was the only one,the sole one capable of to survive!!!
It was fifteen years ago,more or less.I was with a woman in my car:I liked her,she was gentle with me…and I  thought in to have,as  the “normal people” use to have,a fiancée;then,a wife, a family,children,perhaps a house on the top of  a hill,with dog,cat and some birds in a cage.

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